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6 Major Red Flags Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

It’s one of the worst things to go through: discovering your partner has been cheating on you. It can destroy your relationship, damage your future, and turn your world upside down. But what’s worse, is it not knowing if your partner is cheating or not. The not-knowing can drive you crazy in the long-term. 

Before you go calling a private investigator for infidelity, it is best to get some clarity on your suspicions and some advice on the signs to look for. 

Six Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

1- Sex & Affection Has Become Non-Existant 

If you notice that your partner is not interested in having sex with you, or worse, trying not to be affectionate, it could be a sign that they have their sights focused on elsewhere. It is a common sign that should alert you to potential red flags, especially if they try to overcompensate you in a bid to make up for it. 

2- Their Privacy Goes To Another Level

They hide their cell phone, keep their computer on lockdown, and keep themselves private on everything. While privacy in a relationship is sometimes considered normal – to a certain degree – going to another level and blocking off all forms of access can be a sign your partner is trying to hide something. 

3- Shutting Down On Social Media

It is quite common and is known to happen: cheaters all of a sudden get private on Facebook and Instagram in a bid to tune you out or cut out other parts of their lives on social media. That includes not friending you, blocking messages or hiding other interactions with people. Although it might be challenging to see if they are indeed hiding something on social media, you can get valuable information by hiring a social media investigator to do a little digging for you. 

4- The Lies Pile Up 

Sure, most partners have been caught out in a lie at some point, and usually, it’s over something small. But when the lies start piling up, get mismatched or don’t make any sense, chances are that your partner cannot track of their story. Ergo, they are hiding something, and its time to bring on board a private investigator in Calgary to help you. 

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5- They Suddenly Have More ‘Work’

It happens in a lot of cases that partners get distracted with work, and the pressures of the job. But when it comes from nowhere and the job has no history of overworking its employees, there might be more to it than just work. 

6- When Confronted, They Have A Major Outburst 

If you do confront them and they explode in rage at the accusation, they could be hiding something. Most cheaters try to act innocent and blame others in a bid to cover up their tracks. If they explode in a fit of rage, you might be onto something. In some cases, they will even go as far as to accuse you of cheating! 

If you notice of any of these signs and your suspicions about your partner grow, then it’s time to call in a private investigator for infidelity. With their help, you’ll be able to find out what your partner is up to, and if they indeed are cheating, you can confront them with real evidence! 

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