Corporate Investigations

Protect Your Business. Hire a Corporate Private Investigator

Your corporation is open to fraudulent claims, leaks of information, conflict of interests, intellectual property concerns and contractual violations. To protect and secure your business, hire Prime Private Investigators. For over 30 years, we have been providing corporate clients with comprehensive corporate investigations. Our corporate private investigators will identify and resolve any unlawful internal or external activities that are negatively impacting your company. Based on your concerns and requests, our team will implement a course of action that will protect your business, secure the safety of key information, and ensure that the profitability of your business is still viable.


The Investigation Process

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Free Confidential

Begin with free and confidential consultation with one of our senior investigators. We take this opportunity to learn about you and your case.

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Research &

Once we have an understanding of the situation, we will develop a customized plan to find the truth and meet your investigative needs.

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We will keep you updated with vital information as the investigation progresses. Our team approach ensures objectives are being met.

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Once all evidence has been obtained, we provide you with a comprehensive and confidential report. This can include videos and photographs if requested.

What to Expect From a Corporate Investigation

All corporate investigations undertaken by our trusted agency are client-specific. With the information you provide us, and your set goals, we will launch an in-depth comprehensive investigation to uncover and verify any suspicious activity in your establishment. 

We will define, plan and implement a strategy to find practical and valuable results for your company. We will check all avenues, understand all important factors, and target key areas where any unlawfulness could occur. 

Our corporate investigations can cover a wide range of cases, including corporate fraud and theft, confidentiality agreements and contract breaches, internal and external loss prevention, WCB, insurance and disability claims, pre-employment screening, and many more. 

Expect the comprehensive coverage and security your company deserves with us leading your investigation. We guarantee results.

Successfully Conducting Investigations
for 30+ Years

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Discreet and Confidential Communication

We understand the stress you may feel while we perform our investigation, so we keep you updated throughout the process. We’re always available to take your call and answer your questions.

Trusted By Professionals

Working with both private and corporate clients, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry. We are the company most trusted by some of Calgary’s largest law and insurance firms.

Certified Investigators

We employ highly trained female and male investigators so you can be sure to receive a customized approach. Every member of our team is fully licensed and equipped with the latest technology and equipment.

The Benefits of Opening a Corporate Investigation

If you suspect that your business might be under threat, it is time to take preemptive action and protect it. By opening a corporate investigation, you will be nullifying all potential internal and external threats, while securing your business’ profitability and reputation in the long-term. 

Prime Private Investigators will help take control of your investigation and provide it with the security and experience it requires. Our professionalism, commitment to confidentiality, and our ethical approach make us the leading team of certified and senior investigators in Calgary. 

We provide on-going support and 24/7 communication, as well as utilize the latest technology and equipment to help with your investigation. From small businesses to large corporations, you will be assigned a licenced private investigator that will lead your case.  

Protect your business by reaching out to Prime Private Investigators.