Workers Compensation Fraud Calgary

The Signs Of Workers’ Compensation Fraud

If you a business owner or a member of your company’s Safety department, you may find that an employee’s injury claim is suspicious and may be committing fraud. Workers’ compensation fraud is a significant issue for many businesses. 

It can be difficult to prove that a worker is defrauding your company. How does one go about proving that a fraud may be happening?

Before contacting a WCB private investigator, here are some signs that can help clarify if an injury claim is suspicious:

A Delay in Reporting the Injury

Most Employees who suffer a legitimate on-the-job injury report it straight away, or at a minimum, within a few days, when the extent of the injury is evident. However, if an employee reports the injury beyond a normal period of time, it could be a sign that the injury did not originate at work or did not in fact occur. 

Lack of Clear Details

An Employee that is legitimately injured can in most instances remember significant details about when and how the accident that led to their injuries were sustained. However, if the Employee’s story changes over time or if the answers are vague, then it could be a red flag that the injury is legitimate.  

The Injury Report Does Not Match Up With Medical Reports 

If possible, it is important to look closely at the details of the employee’s injury report and the medical report. If there is a conflict information or if the employee’s physical actions are in direct contrast to the medical report, this could be a sign of a suspicious claim. 

Workers Cmpensation Fraud

Lack of Witnesses

In most situations, if an accident was to happen which resulted in an employee getting injured, there are usually co-workers or bystanders around to verify the details of the accident. Some companies also have an internal security camera which can provide even more evidence of the accident. If there are no witnesses or cameras or the accident happened in a secluded area the claim may be suspicious. It could also be a red flag if the accident occurred in an area of common foot traffic and no one was present. 

The Employee is Difficult to Reach or Uncooperative

Claimants that are inured are not hard to reach as they usually are at home recuperating. If you are having difficulty in trying to contact your employee or they are avoiding your calls, this may be an indicator of a fraudulent claim. Also, an employee that is injured will do their utmost to assist in their ongoing claim rather than continuously throwing up roadblocks for their employer.  

Missed Medical Appointments

If an employee is genuinely suffering from pain and wants to return to their job in some capacity, they do not tend to miss any medical appointments. Those that are trying to cheat the system tend to skip medical treatment to maintain the illusion they are still injured or are too busy with other activities to attend medical appointments. 

Engaging in Activities Not Consistent with Recovery

If your employee has hurt their leg and you learn that they were jogging on the weekend, this could be an indicator that they are not as injured as they claim. Or they have recovered and are not being honest so they can continue to collect compensation benefits. Keep an eye out for activities that are not consistent with their recovery process.  

Hiring a Private Investigator in Calgary Can Be Your Solution

If you suspect that an employee’s workers’ compensation claim is suspicious or fraudulent, then hiring a private investigator in Calgary could be a solution to your concerns. 

With a private investigator in Calgary conducting surveillance and research into your “injured” employee, they will be able to document the employee’s current activities and overall physical condition. They will then provide you with a detailed investigation report and video evidence to allow your company to verify if the injury claim is legitimate or not. From there, you will be able to take the necessary action with your employee or submit the evidence to the appropriate compensation board. 

Prime Private Investigators is the dedicated private investigation company that will provide the evidence to uncover any suspicious activities on your behalf. For over 25 years, we have been assisting individuals, the insurance community, worker compensation boards and corporate clients with full-service investigations. Our experienced team of licensed private investigators in Calgary will utilize their skills, firsthand knowledge, and the latest equipment and technology to uncover any suspicious activities, collect evidence, and provide it to you in a legally accepted manner. We’re recognized for our professionalism, discretion, and catered ethical approach to each case. From infidelity investigations to private corporate private investigations, we can help you in any way you need. Contact us today for a FREE consultation: Local: (403) 217-2137 Toll-free: 1-877-417-2137

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